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by | Nov 3, 2021

How much time do your associates spend assisting customers? Do these interactions translate to higher conversion rates or larger basket sizes? Are technology or inefficient work processes negatively impacting your employee productivity?

Measurements are the basis of your WFM practice. From processing customer transactions to walking from one department to the next, data is your best friend. But if you have difficulty accurately recording these measurements you’re not alone.

That’s why Axsium created Studia, our mobile data collection app for creating and executing precise studies of your on-the-ground operations. You can use Studia to execute two critical types of labor study: work sampling and direct observation.

Work study Studia

Work Sampling

Studia’s work sampling capabilities let you build comprehensive activity breakouts that show how your employees allocate time. Need to know how much time it takes your teams to perform core work tasks? Serve your customers? Move between departments? Now you can track all this and much more. You can even measure how much time your employees spend without anything to do.

The platform also lets you generate labor standards for hard to measure fluid tasks like straightening inventory or interacting with colleagues. Additionally, you can calculate personal fatigue and delay data, helping you to estimate real-world employee productivity levels.

Direct Observation

Do you know what a day in the life of a typical employee in one of your stores looks like? Studia lets you record actions as your employees are performing them, getting accurate in-person measurements for your labor study. You can track your associates’ and managers’ normal daily activities to better define roles, eliminate non-value-added tasks, and identify process improvement opportunities.

You can also use Studia’s customer experience studies to get a better understanding of how your customers shop in your stores. You’ll be surprised at how in-depth you can get with the data.

You can use Studia to drill even deeper into your data with custom work studies that let you analyze a host of other metrics. You can see things like customer queue lengths or wait times, stock out frequency, fitting room use, or anything else. After all, Studia can be customized and tailored to collect the exact data you’re after.

Studia: Part of Your Work Study Solution

Studia makes all this possible with a flexible, mobile-friendly interface that’s both Android and iOS compatible. You can pause and resume your studies at will and aggregate the data you’ve collected from multiple locations. Studia gives you the ability to perform robust, chain-wide analysis on an almost limitless array of associate activities.

Studia is also the perfect complement to Opus, Axsium’s labor model management solution, trusted by some of the world’s leading retail and hospitality organizations. The accurate data you can gather and aggregate from Studia is exactly what you need to take Opus to the next level.

And Studia comes with the expert workforce management assistance Axsium is known for. With support and advice from our workforce management and labor productivity experts, help is always there when you need it.

Contact us to find out how Studia can increase your understanding of key customer and employee metrics and help supercharge your organization’s labor model.

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