Accelerate Your Labour Planning Process

Integrated labour planning and analytics.

Built for Operations. Powered by Axsium.

Why Planara?

Align and collaborate using powerful, easy-to-use labour dashboards.

Accelerate your ability to make more agile and informed labour decisions.

Analyze complex planning assumptions and “what if” scenarios.

Adapt quickly to shifting operational goals and performance metrics.


Combine top-down assumptions with bottom-up realities to perform full-year, chain-wide planning 

Embedded business intelligence that lets you analyse detailed results and compare scenarios

A secure and scalable platform with an open API framework and rich web-based UI for ease of use and future growth

Assess growth targets and evaluate new initiatives using Planara’s sophisticated scenario analysis

Integrate Planara with your WFM solution to import configurations and data, and export labour budgets and plans

Harmonise Your Budgeting Process.

Planara is the world’s leading labour planning and analytics solution. Planara is built for operations and powered by Axsium, the world’s most trusted Workforce Management consulting firm.