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Maximise the productivity of your workforce by measuring, managing, and optimising the processes your employees follow. Then, understand and quantify the link between a productive workforce and customer satisfaction, revenue, and the bottom line.

Optimise your brand’s in-store processes

Whether omnichannel is new to your organization or a service you’ve been offering for years, doing it effectively and efficiently will be key to guaranteeing your brand’s profitability in 2021 and beyond. Watch this video to learn some of the ways that you can optimize this increasingly vital aspect of your in-store operations.

Improve forecasts and schedules with a labour model that’s accurate and easy to manage

With Axsium’s proprietary work measurement tools Opus and Studia, creating, managing, and deploying location-specific labour standards and integrating these standards directly into your WFM system has never been easier.

Increase employee efficiency by adopting processes that are faster and more reliable

When it comes to the processes employees follow to get the job done, we’ve seen it all. Axsium will help you optimise employee habits with policy changes, process standardisations, new SOPs, and hands-on training for employees and managers alike.

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Gain a deep understanding of the experiences of your employees and customers

From mapping foot traffic and analysing the demographics of your customers to understanding the link between customer interactions, satisfaction, and sales dollars, Axsium will help you bring a new level of insight to how you manage your shops.

Design your workforce
of the future and build
the strategy you’ll need
to get there

Axsium will help you build the tailored org structure, talent strategy, and staffing rules you’ll need to deliver on evolving customer expectations. We’ll build this roadmap with you and give you the ongoing expertise you’ll need to succeed, now and for years to come.

Case Study

Learn how Axsium delivered a 1.6% reduction in payroll costs and $11m in operational efficiencies.

“Our client is now poised to begin a new chapter in their organisation’s nearly 30-year history. They have increased operational efficiency, heightened customer service, and improved financial performance.”


Project Lead, Axsium Group

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