Work Sampling

Work sampling helps organizations determine how much time workers spend performing activities in various work categories. 

A work sampling system collects data to help you measure the proportion of time spent by your employees on specific tasks. In retail, for instance, this includes measuring the amount of time spent by workers performing customer service and administrative tasks, re-shelving products, and taking breaks, among others. 
Companies use the data they collect from work sampling to build labor standards and find process improvements.

What Do You Look for in a Work Sampling System?

Studia, Axsium’s integrated work sampling tool, helps to automate the work sampling process by using live observations of real employee behavior to collect data through any mobile device. Studia allows you to calculate labor standards for even the most fluid and customer-centric tasks. You can even measure idle or unproductive time.

Building Better Labor Standards

Companies often create labor standards using stopwatch studies. Unfortunately, the data from this inexact manual process often leads to less-than-ideal results. Studia’s mobile data collection work sampling function measures tasks accurately using almost any mobile device. 

Completing a work sampling study with Studia takes less time and allows you to build accurate, objective labor standards. Perform observations much faster, more accurately, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional stopwatch study. 

And by observing the tasks your workers are performing at intervals throughout the day, Studia gives you the basis to develop process improvements. How much time do your employees spend traveling between locations, assisting companies, or without anything to do? With Studia, you can find out and discover savings that can be applied across your organization.
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