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Engage & Empower Mobile Workers

Drive employee engagement and operational excellence by connecting with your employees using mobile apps. Increase productivity, reduce turnover, and improve customer service by implementing a mobile WFM solution.
You can provide your workers with real-time access to schedules, shift swaps, task management, training programs, and communications about all the latest company news through their mobile devices.

Is Your Company Ready for the Mobile-Enabled Employee Experience of the Future?

Axsium can help you drive employee engagement and improve employee performance by creating a mobile-enabled workforce management environment that helps you make the most of your human resources. 

We’ll analyze the demographics of your field employees, survey results, the demands of your business, and the particular challenges that affect your industry. With this data, we’ll help you build a mobile workforce management software solution that gives your employees the mobile experience they crave.

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Custom Solutions, Tailored to Your Needs

We will help you understand the strengths of each major mobile workforce management software provider, help you make an informed selection, and then accelerate your implementation using the right data with the Axsium QuickStart Program

Your mobile teams will have access to an engaging and innovative digital experience in 30 days or less!

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Maximize the Impact of Your Mobile Workforce Management Software

We’ll provide you with module-by-module best practices and inspirational stories of how other organizations are using mobile WFM solutions to support their top talent and engage with their workforce. From there, we’ll set you up for long-term success by building tools, such as communication, training, and roll-out plans, that will drive adoption and usage across your organization.

Responsive Leadership Through Mobile WFM

With mobile workforce management software in place, your company gains the ability to focus on employee engagement on a whole new level. 

With Axsium as your expert advisor, you get a roadmap for increasing employee engagement, reducing employee turnover and improving customer satisfaction for years to come.

Case Study


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Learn how Axsium Group helped Chatime go live with the WorkJam Mobility Solution to increase team member productivity and engage their employees.

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“Working with Axsium on this project has placed Chatime in a position to deliver exactly what we set out to – communicate with, engage, and energize our workforce like never before.”


LMS Specialist, Chatime

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