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Workforce Management for Public Sector Institutions

Helping the Public Sector Succeed Where It Really Matters

Build a high-impact public sector management strategy that supports all aspects of operations within your organization

Make the most of your resources by scheduling public sector employees for when and where they are most needed

Manage and optimise the schedules of complex departments, such as emergency services and first responders

Ensure that practices and processes comply with labour rules from regulators and unions

Increase the engagement of your employees with mobile workforce management tools for improved access to schedules, shift swapping, and communication

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Helping Public Sector Managers Make the Most of Their Resources

At the mercy of strict budgets and compliance requirements, leading workforce management efforts in the public sector means you need to find ways to control labour costs while still providing services and completing projects quickly and efficiently. Often, the key is fostering employee engagement while improving the efficiency of scheduling processes.

While you face very specific challenges in the public sector, many of the workforce management solutions are the same as those in the private sector—but with added layers of complexity.

Axsium provides workforce management services for the public sector. We help departments such as municipal or emergency services and first responders that have large and diverse groups of employees make their scheduling practices more efficient and find productivity savings.

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