Labor Standards

A labor standard is the measurement of how long it takes for a worker to complete a specific task or activity. We measure most labor standards in seconds. We create standards by observing an employee performing the task in question. The observer takes the measurement under normal circumstances. The employee performs the observed action at an acceptable pace.

Organizations use different approaches to accurately measure tasks and set time standards. This includes direct observation, predetermined motion time systems (PMTS), and work sampling. Organizations and departments use standards to effectively budget for, forecast, and schedule labor.

Labor standards are an important part of labor models, which are themselves central tools for forecasting and scheduling. At Axsium, we believe standards are at their most effective when we break the task we are measuring down into its constituent parts. This granular detail may seem like too much, but more data means more accurate labor models.

Axsium uses Studia to take on-site measurements that we develop into standards. Studia’s easy interface allows us to measure more fluid tasks & get to the granular levels that define our approach.

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