Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS)

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A Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS) is a work measurement technique that analyzes the basic human movements required to perform specific manual tasks in a given environment. 

To create a predetermined time system, an observer collects data by videotaping a task performed once according to specifications. This recording is then broken down into a step-by-step process. The time it takes to perform the basic motions of each step is extracted from a database of time values that have been validated over decades of careful study and analysis. 

The result of this work is a labor standard.

The Evolution of Modern Predetermined Motion Time Systems

The PMTS approach to developing labor standards is dramatically better than a stop-watch time study. Using it can help you develop labor standards much more quickly, as tasks only need to be observed once. And the resulting standards are significantly more accurate because the work factor time unit values are not affected by the skill level or mood of the observed employee.  

In many cases, work measurement systems use a time measurement unit (TMU), defined as 0.00001 hours, or 0.036 seconds, as the basis for their time values. Measuring work in TMUs, it allows the measurer to make more accurate calculations without lengthy decimals. This is especially helpful in high-volume production environments.

Using Predetermined Motion Time Systems to Develop Labor Standards

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If your company is looking to improve its labor model, time measurement and analysis for certain basic motions is a simple concept that can pay huge dividends when properly applied. 

To see how a predetermined time system can increase the accuracy of your labor model, check out our work measurement software, Opus. Opus allows users to easily import standards based on established predetermined motion-time systems (Methods Time Measurement (MTM) or Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST)) and integrates easily with all leading workforce management solutions.


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