What is Organizational Change Management?

by | Dec 17, 2021

Change is one of life’s only constants. But many people have difficulty shifting from the status quo. So it’s no surprise that change in the workplace can present managers with numerous challenges. In fact, overcoming resistance to change is often one of the most difficult tasks managers face. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. An effective organizational change management (OCM) roadmap can help you encourage your employees to see change in a more positive light, and accept and integrate it into their workday. 

Axsium can prepare your business environment for successful change management, and form a strategic vision that allows your business to expertly handle all kinds of challenges.

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What is the Difference between Organizational Change and Change Management?

Change management deals with overseeing and enabling change at any level, be it for a project, team, or workflow. Organizational change management comes in when you need to make changes at a structural level. 

What is the Purpose of Organizational Change Management?

Organizational change management helps businesses transition from their current state to a desired future state. Make no mistake, managing organizational change can be an artform in itself. The organizational change process includes planning and implementing change in a minimalistic way to minimize employee resistance and any associated costs. 

Managing organizational change includes: 

  • Updating industry and business practices on an ongoing basis to reflect current situations and norms
  • Helping organizational leaders and managers to continually train employees in new technologies and create a culture that embraces innovation and a creative mindset
  • Creating new departments and teams to focus on new opportunities for business expansion

For many businesses, significant workforce management solution updates make for significant operational changes. For this reason more and more businesses are turning to Axsium to help create customized organizational change management processes when they implement new or updated workforce management systems.

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What is the Organizational Change Process?

Organizational change can be split into two approaches:

  • Incremental Change is introduced at a slow but steady pace and instigated by internal factors. Employee training programs and relocation projects fall into this category.
  • Discontinuous Change is introduced in a revolutionary way and usually instigated by external factors. 

The organizational change management process occurs on macro and micro levels and there are a lot of moving parts to manage. Change management skills are vital to successfully rolling out big organizational changes, but it’s a skill set many businesses often don’t have on staff. 

Our organizational change services are designed for enhancing employee satisfaction and helping you gain employee acceptance for major organizational changes. Managing change effectively requires understanding your business’ current state. 

Axsium can help you do this and more!

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Build a Strong Organizational Change Management Model

We offer business strategies for your organization’s workforce management needs. As part of our unparalleled WFM program, Axsium’s experts can help you pinpoint behaviors for upcoming change, design a high-impact training plan, and tailor your communication to the appropriate audience—all while mitigating risk and assisting your project management team.  

If you’re thinking of undertaking a major WFM update or implementation project, it’s time to consider Axsium workforce management consulting

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