Process Improvement


What is process improvement?

Process improvement is the streamlining of business processes to drive productivity and operational efficiency, overcoming process redundancies.

What are the benefits of continuous improvement in existing business processes?

Business process improvement (much like business process management) helps organizations avoid project delays, productivity declines, and even employee morale issues. 
In short, by integrating process improvements using a well-crafted process improvement methodology, you can reduce waste, improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction by making better use of your resources.

What process improvement techniques can we use to improve our existing processes?

There are many proven process improvement methodologies and tools, including Kaizen, Total Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma, and 5S. These methodologies and tools offer different approaches to identifying and implementing efficiencies.

5S, for example, lays out simple principles for workplace organization:

  • Sort
  • Set In Order/Straighten
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

Most process improvement methodologies include elements such as sampling/queuing analysis, direct observation studies, and interviews with team members throughout the organization. 

Axsium’s process improvement experts measure and address the health of existing processes. This helps us determine how to fix any broken elements so that they better align with our client’s goals and overall business strategy. We then define and detail the value the changes will add, and help our client reorganize their resources to implement those changes.

How can Axsium help business process improvement within your organization?

Axsium’s productivity experts have decades of experience in driving effective process improvement efforts. We help organizations to scale consistently, optimize efficiency, prevent loss, and serve customers effectively. And most importantly, we help our clients implement a culture of continuous process improvement.


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