Change Management (Enablement)

Change management (sometimes known as enablement) is the practice of managing organizational change. It is a focused strategy that helps staff readily accept new systems and processes.

Change management specialists achieve this by identifying the people the change will affect. They build roll-out plans that introduce change to those people and the organization at large. To be most effective, these plans use clear communication and effective training.

When implementing changes to your WFM system or approach, it’s important to help the people most impacted to adopt the change as easily as possible. It also helps them to understand why the change is happening and how it will improve their day-to-day work life. Without an effective OCM strategy, employees often don’t fully understand the need for a change and will resist, even if it means breaking company policy. 

Ideally, planning for your change should begin while the project is underway. Some elements of a successful roll-out may have an impact on the change you’re planning, so knowing what they are ahead of time will help. Some elements may also take some time to prepare appropriately, so give yourself some time in your planning.

Axsium’s Organizational Change Services help clients craft a change management (or enablement) strategy that ensures adoption and mitigates risk. We use tailored change management and training programs designed to accommodate every nuance of your unique business environment.

Change management & enablement


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