Employee Time Clocking 

Timekeeping is essential for any business that relies on employee productivity. Time clocking is the process of capturing employee time-in and time-out. You can use this data to monitor employee performance and identify areas where you can improve efficiency. 

There are several clock in and out methods, but the most common examples use either a physical punch card, a computer terminal, or an online system accessible through an electronic device, such as a tablet or smartphone. 

Clocking does not typically round to the nearest minute or provide grace time. All clocking does is capture each individual clock-in and clock-out time, to the second. This provides managers with insight into employee timekeeping and adherence to company policy. 

Accurate Clocking Facilitates Workforce Management

Regardless of the method you use, clocking is an essential part of overall workforce management. It will allow your managers to more easily identify issues with tardiness and absenteeism. Clocking can also help you ensure your employees are taking their allotted break time and track overtime hours. As such, it is an essential tool for any business that wants to manage its workforce more effectively. 

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