Attestation refers to the process of an employee confirming the accuracy of their clock-ins and clock-outs. It safeguards employers in case an employee complains about the accuracy of their timecard. It also protects employers if an employee alleges they were underpaid for their work.

Attestation is all about compliance. As more jurisdictions put regulations in place around breaks and other time off, it has become increasingly important. Most modern workforce management solutions offer multiple options for employees to confirm their hours. The key is finding the option that works best for each company.

Attestation tools allow managers to track trends in their reporting. This can help show when employees are seeing more errors in their timesheets by flagging timesheet rejections. In this example, the manager then needs to ask themselves if the timesheet process is clear enough. By both reporting on overall trends and making the process of attestation easy for your employees, your company can remain compliant more easily.

Attestation is a central part of the workforce management toolbox. It’s a vital part of remaining compliant with local regulations, and can play an important role in keeping track of your employees. Exploring your WFM solution’s attestation options is a useful exercise and could open up new areas of functionality.

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