Employee Accruals – Accrued Vacation Days & Entitlements

What are Employee Accruals?

Accruals refer to the accumulation of the vacation entitlements that employees receive but have not yet used. Total accrued time off includes vacation days (PTO days), sick leave, or other employee entitlements. Many companies allow salaried employees to carry over a maximum limit of accrued hours at the beginning of each calendar year. 

Vacation entitlement accruals can depend on specific criteria and employment standards. These can include an employee’s hire date, years of employment or the number of hours worked per pay period. There can be significant variation between the accrued vacation time of employees within the same team, as well as at different levels of the organization. 

Your ability to properly track accrued vacation pay and the weeks of vacation employee’s have yet claim relies heavily on the accuracy of your attendance tracking.


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