Employee Attendance Tracker

Attendance tracking software tracks whether an employee was on time, late, or absent from a shift. Tracking employee attendance, the software logs the precise times that an employee clocks in and out of their shift. It also automatically determines employee punctuality based on your organization’s rounding and grace rules. 

A mature solution automates the process and makes it easier to manage employee attendance and behavior. For example, when employees are late or absent, they accumulate “points” and may face escalating disciplinary actions such as verbal and written warnings. 

Why Use an Attendance Tracking System 

Higher productivity, lower administrative costs

Having an attendance tracking system in place provides employers with valuable attendance data that can be used to shore up daily productivity. Attendance tracking tools also help monitor unauthorized or extended breaks and other unnecessary costs.

Automating and digitizing the process using attendance management systems also reduces administrative costs and makes it easier for managers to track employee hours, vacation days, sick leave, statutory holidays, among others. Companies that track employee attendance using time tracking software also simplify their payroll and accounting duties. 

The best employee attendance tracker is a system you can fully integrate within the rest of your workforce management software system. It will give you greater visibility into everyone’s schedules and real-time attendance, making shift swapping, and vacation and sick day requests, among many other tasks, far easier. 

More Visibility Means Less Uncertainty

An attendance system can also give managers the ability to track absenteeism trends and prevent problems before they occur. Real-time data means you can reduce uncertainty and better understand employee performance across multiple stores.

How to Choose the Right Employee Attendance Tracker?

The system you choose to keep track of time and attendance records will depend on a few key factors. Two of the most important are the size of your company and your industry. 

Attendance software has benefits for small companies, but for larger businesses it can save enormous amounts of time and money better spent more productively elsewhere. 

Because every business is unique in some way, it’s important to find a solution that is right for you. One that takes into account your needs, limitations and overall goals. 

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