Shift Swapping

Shift Swapping

Can you cover my shift?

Anyone that has worked a shift in retail or in a restaurant knows all about the shift swapping process. Employees swap shifts with each other for many reasons, but most often in the event of a conflict between their work and personal lives.

Swapping shifts can help an employee conveniently pick up extra hours, while freeing up time in another’s schedule: a win-win. But shift changes don’t just let employees help each other out. With manager approval, a shift swap can also reduce stress for the manager responsible for scheduling. 

Shift swaps in larger organizations are more complex

Being able to trade shifts in a small business like a restaurant is one thing. Having to manage and facilitate shift swaps for hundreds of employees working in multiple locations across the country is entirely different. In fact, without some form of Mobile Workforce Management Software at your side, it can be a logistical nightmare.

Using employee scheduling software can help handle that kind of complexity and greatly reduce shift swapping issues, especially in larger organizations. The process is even more smooth when shift swap requests are backed by a well-thought-out shift swapping policy. 

Shift Swap Management 101: Using the Right Tools

Shift Swap Management 101

We recommend using a software tool supported by an employee-facing portal to properly manage shift swaps. Ideally, you should select one that allows an employee to get their shift covered easily and transparently, while adhering to your organization’s shift swap policy.

A good shift swapping tool gives employees two important benefits: flexibility and freedom,both key drivers of employee engagement. A good tool also reduces the risk of miscommunication between employees and store managers. And it facilitates macro-level analysis on the degree to which shifts are being swapped across a department or organization. 

However, while the right tool can reduce employee scheduling issues, you need to maintain employee accountability. Employers must ]ensure only employees with similar skill sets and comparable pay rates swap shifts. And you don’t want shift swaps to result in unnecessary and costly overtime.

Luckily, when your Mobile Workforce Management Software is properly configured and tailored to your business, all of those concerns can be fully addressed! 

Shift Swapping is Just the Beginning

Connect with your employees using mobile apps. Let’s do more than simply make it easier for them to swap shifts! You can provide your workers with real-time access to schedules, task management, training programs, and even communications about all the latest company news.

This can help drive employee engagement and operational excellence, leading to advantages ranging from increased productivity to reduced turnover to improved customer service and beyond. 

Want to learn more about how implementing a mobile WFM solution can work for your business? Reach out to talk to us!


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