Absence Management

Absence Management

Absence management is the process of tracking and managing employee time off. Reasons for employee time off usually include vacation and sickness, as well as leaves of absence, late arrivals, and no-shows.

Absence management is a significant part of workforce management. A typical WFM solution helps managers analyze absence trends, allowing them to address absenteeism and other absence-related behavior. Absence management is also a component in helping organizations stay compliant with all relevant labor and leave-related laws.

Absenteeism can have a significant impact on daily operations. Of course, an absent team member will have an impact on how a team goes about their day. However, persistent absences could also indicate low employee engagement. And if many of your employees are frequently absent, that could indicate a deeper problem.

Absence management helps managers track absences, both filling in unexpected gaps in the schedule and reviewing trends. Used alongside other key aspects, this is an important element in good workforce management practice.

There are many ways to deal with the challenges absences can cause. Shift swapping technology, for instance, can give your employees more opportunities to take control of their schedules. This can increase employee engagement while also helping to mitigate some of the issues of unplanned absences.

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