Workforce Management

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes focused on planning and budgeting labor, and optimizing employee performance. These processes include measuring the time it takes to perform specific tasks and building those measurements into a labor model.

A workforce management (WFM) system uses specialized software solutions to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. It can include a wide range of workforce management processes, from forecasting staffing needs to employee scheduling, attendance tracking, time management, training management and more. 

WFM systems can also help to improve communication and collaboration between employees, managers and other stakeholders. A well-designed WFM system can be a powerful tool for any organization.

Workforce Management Processes

Managers and supervisors use workforce management software to schedule employees (e.g., retail store, restaurant, manufacturing floor) across all shifts and at expected service levels. If properly configured, a workforce management solution can allow organizations to take projected sales volume and match it with the right number of employees. 

Workforce Management Solutions

operational efficiency and better meet their staffing needs while ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Process automation and employee data tracking allows businesses to gain insights into their workforce. They can then use those insights to make better decisions about staffing levels, workforce deployment, and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Along with the help of workforce management analysts, the right workforce management tools are the key to effective human capital management. An efficient and effective workforce management practice allows you to simultaneously maintain a high level of customer service and operational efficiency for a more productive workforce. 

Now that many workforce management systems also provide tools for mobile workforce management, companies can simplify their human resource management and unlock new levels of employee productivity and engagement.


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