COVID-19 Labor Standards Now Available

by | Apr 17, 2020

Whether your stores are open, partially open, or preparing to re-open at some point (hopefully) soon, you likely have many new Coronavirus-related processes that you need to account for in your labor model.

Axsium Group, the world’s leading workforce management consulting firm, is excited to announce the development and release of a dozen new standard work measurements that will help you model many of the new hygiene-related tasks taking place in your stores. These new standards include:

  • Wash Hands Thoroughly
  • Apply Hand Sanitizer
  • Put On / Remove Mask
  • Temperature Check (Forehead)
  • Put On / Remove Protective Gloves
  • Gather Cleaning Supplies
  • Wash and Wipe Down an Item
  • Clean Glass / Plexiglass (3×6)
  • Clean a Table (3×6)
  • Clean a Checkstand
  • Wipe Down a Shopping Cart by Hand
  • Set Up Portable Hand Washing Station

If you are already using Opus – Axsium’s cutting-edge work measurement platform – these standards have been automatically made available to you in your Opus database under the “C19” Foundation Category.

If you are not yet using Opus, we would still love to help! I encourage you to reach out to me or your Axsium account representative. We will gladly do a free consultation to help you identify which aspects of your labor model need to be updated.

Our productivity team is here for you, both now and in the months to come, so do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at

Luke Muellerleile
Productivity Practice Lead
Axsium Group

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