Axsium Group Launches Planara — The Integrated Labor Planning & Analytics Solution Built for Operations

by | Jun 1, 2022

Axsium Group, the world’s leading independent workforce management consulting firm, is pleased to announce the release of Planara, our revolutionary new labor planning and analytics platform.

Building and maintaining a labor budget has long been one of the most time-consuming responsibilities for operations leaders and analysts. There are dozens of assumptions to gather and metrics to manage. The process is plagued by last-minute adjustments and supported by manual workarounds. Stakeholders across the organization require clear reporting and in-depth analysis to agree on a budget that meets corporate financial targets and provides individual store locations with the labor they need. Historically, these processes have been slow, error-prone, and often frustrating.

With Planara, all that becomes a thing of the past. Planara accelerates your labor planning processes, optimizes your location-level labor allocations, and provides the right level of precision and adaptability to realize your labor objectives. Planara users achieve this by:

  • Increasing alignment between Finance and Operations during the budget process
  • Accelerating the creation and evaluation of iterative labor planning scenarios
  • Producing powerful analysis of key labor planning assumptions and drivers
  • Improving the ability to adapt to changing operational realities and goals

Axsium’s Vice President of Sales Michael Gondek is excited to see the effect Planara will have on clients’ labor planning practices. “Retailers have been demanding a solution to make the labor planning and budgeting process easier and more streamlined. Planara delivers that, and more.”

Planara integrates with all the major WFM solutions, meaning that your labor plans are always fueled by up-to-date data. It makes the labor planning process responsive to the dynamic realities of your daily operations. Product manager Lucas Muellerleile explains: “Planara’s powerful analytics capabilities allow you to quickly configure and test any number of what-if scenarios when considering process changes or new service offerings.”

Planara also uses labor model source data from any platform, including Opus, Axsium’s work measurement solution used by leading brands around the world. And because Planara is cloud-based, the platform is infinitely scalable. No matter your data storage or processing needs, Planara can grow with you.

Planara accelerates your labor planning process

“Planara makes labor planning and budgeting a responsive and dynamic process,” says Michael Gondek. “Where current budgeting processes often put operations and finance in conflict, Planara allows you to quickly build a budget that takes both top-down goals and bottom-up data into account. This helps finance and operations teams feel invested in a budget that speaks to both their needs.”

This three-minute explainer video provides a handy overview of Planara’s capabilities. 

Be sure to join Axsium’s President Bob Clements on July 14th for an interactive webinar that explores many of Planara’s most exciting features. Register now.

Planara promises to usher in a new era of labor planning and analytics. Reach out to your Axsium account manager today to discover just how transformative Planara could be for your labor planning and budgeting processes.

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