Kronos and Axsium Launch Global Big Data Solution to Optimize Store Productivity

by | Jan 16, 2015

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Kronos Workforce Solutions and Axsium Group Launch Global Big Data Solution to Optimize Store Productivity

NEW YORK, National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & Expo, Jan. 12, 2015 — With a focus on simplifying complex workforce data, Kronos Incorporated and Axsium Group have jointly launched a retail store performance plug-in – the first of its kind – to add ease and effectiveness to global corporate, store, and field managers’ work days through automated, guided decision-making. Powered by the Kronos Workforce Analytics application, the new plug-in uncovers gaps in important areas that impact customer and employee satisfaction, helping create optimized schedules by balancing working hours, employee availability, and consumer demand.

News Facts

·         The new store performance plug-in provides a single, powerful tool to help guide and improve decision-making and track performance across the labor planning, scheduling, and staffing continuum. This is done by synthesizing volumes of scheduling, productivity data, and time clock entries against key performance indicators (KPIs) such as employee availability, preferences, skill sets, and consumer demand.

·         As a result, an intuitive role-based dashboard highlights key data and metrics to simplify decision-making and managers gain at-a-glance visibility into how labor is affecting store performance. This helps improve outcomes for the employee, consumer, and the retail business.

·         Each employee persona in retail benefits in unique ways with better data access through the new plug-in. For example, corporate managers can view a heat map and zero in on a snapshot of scheduling performance at a regional level, and analyze trends to determine whether a specific store is consistently underperforming. The same visualization of data is translated for store managers to instantly show them whether employees are being scheduled when they’re available and willing or whether they have received up-to-date training. For retail associates, this offers the opportunity to be scheduled when it suits them best and gain further professional development opportunities through identification of gaps in training.

·         Ultimately, the store performance plug-in helps retailers understand how well store schedule creation is performing from a corporate, store, and field level, while taking into consideration associate preferences. This helps retailers optimize their workforce as a competitive differentiator while further improving employee engagement.

Supporting Quotes

·         Bob Clements, senior vice president, Axsium Group

“Big data has never been more important in retail than now as retailers today are facing increased global competition and thinner margins. Retailers need to explore, understand, and act on large amounts of data to improve customer service and employee engagement. Workforce data is absolutely essential to analyze along with operational and financial data as it offers insights that can help any retailer optimize its labor as a competitive differentiator. Along with Kronos, we are excited to bring the first of a kind big data solution to address this need.”

·         Gregg Gordon, senior director, big data for workforce management group, Kronos

“The specific uses of big data for workforce management that retailers are seeking are how to quickly analyze vast amounts of labor data to get employees trained and working in the right places at the right times. By taking preemptive action to address gaps in these areas enhances store performance significantly as ultimately an engaged workforce equals higher productivity.”

Supporting Resources

·         Kronos and Axsium Group made this announcement from the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 104th Annual Convention and Expo being in held in New York from Jan. 11-14. Kronos is exhibiting in booth #3442 and Axsium Group is exhibiting in booth #2671.

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