Next Generation of Work Measure Software Improves Employee Productivity

by | Jan 16, 2015

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Axsium Group Releases Next Generation Work Measurement Software to Improve Employee Productivity  

New York – NRF, Jan. 12, 2015 At #NRF15, Axsium Group today announced the release of Opus, an easy-to-use, cloud-based work measurement platform. Built atop decades of experience delivering accurate and sustainable labor standards through store-specific labor models for the world’s leading retailers, Opus represents a huge shift for the work measurement software community.

Retailers have historically depended on a series of fragmented work measurement tools to create their labor models. They might have a tool for building labor standards, then another for evaluating them and a myriad of spreadsheets in between, making it very difficult to determine if they had the right amount of labor. Opus completely eliminates this challenge taking all of those different elements and giving retailers one powerful tool to truly understand how much labor is necessary by store and by department.

News Facts:

·         Create what-if scenarios to determine quickly how much labor is required to make new promotions successful.

·         Secure, reliable, cloud-based solution.

·         Predetermined Motion-Time System.

·         Easily import your existing labor standards, whether MTM or MOST.

·         Includes a complete database of industry standards out of the box.

·         Innovative user interface provides a highly intuitive navigational experience.

Supporting Quotes:

Paul Tucker, managing director, Axsium Group

“We are excited about Opus. For years, retailers have been asking about the future of work measurement, and now it’s here. Whether you’ve worked with labor standards for decades or are new to the process, Opus provides a robust platform to develop or evolve the labor model.  It’s easy to use and takes an innovative approach to managing the labor model.”

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