Hard Facts on Workforce Management’s Benefits

by | Jul 27, 2011

Hard Facts on Workforce Management’s Benefits
 We all know that workforce management delivers a lot of benefits…or we think it does…we assume it does…we hope it does. Too often people talk about the benefits of WFM in terms of direction:  It decreases labor costs.  It increases employee satisfaction.  It decreases overtime.  It increases compliance.  It decreases customer wait times.  It increases service levels. People love to talk about the benefits of Workforce Management but few have facts to back it up.  So, let me give you some:

-Companies that invested in WFM systems saved $1,614 per employee in the 12 months after the system was implemented.
-Payroll costs dropped by an average of 0.4 percent during the year following a WFM implementation.
-Eighty-eight percent of users reported their WFM system met or exceeded their expectations.

These facts were part of the “Workforce Management Benefits and Satisfaction Survey” recently released by Axsium Group.  The study contains facts about how WFM can benefit organizations.  It also highlights some areas of caution for organizations:

-Only 25 percent of companies had created a business case to calculate the return on investment for their WFM implementation.
-Forty-four percent of users did not fully adopt the WFM system.

Interesting stuff to be sure.  If you’d like to learn more, you can download the study from our website, Workforce Management Benefits and Satisfaction Survey.

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