Employee Mobility & The Pandemic: Hospitality + QSR

by | Apr 22, 2020

During the Coronavirus, many news sources and government officials have provided guidance to businesses under two main umbrellas: essential and non-essential.

However, the majority of the business leaders at hospitality and quick service restaurants I’ve spoken to tend to be operating in something of a grey area between the two extremes. Many who fall into this gap are dealing with both sides of the coin – they’ve had to furlough some employees and reduce staff/hours, but in the meantime, they must deal with new serving/offering methods and health & safety measures going live ASAP.

In our conversations, it seems using mobility allows them an opportunity to deal with both issues simultaneously, while still providing service to their clients in the “new normal”. Such examples include:

Within the first portion of ongoing communications, organizations can:

  • Using mobility to send critical and time-sensitive communications to all employees, including those that are furloughed and those on standby.
  • Setting up remotely-accessible training to be done when employees aren’t at work or to avoid “normal” training situations (big groups, proximity training).
  • Sending daily tasks directly to employees or teams via mobile to follow new health & safety policies & guidelines.
  • Providing socializing & team-building opportunities through mobility to maintain team morale during a time when there may be a divide or lack of teamwork amongst employees.

If your organization doesn’t currently have a mobility strategy or has one but would like to know of ways to improve or update it, feel free to reach out to me or your Axsium account representative. We will gladly do a free consultation to help you identify opportunities for you and your organization. Feel free to reach out to me via email at amartel@axsiumgroup.com


Andrew Martel
Employee Mobility Practice Lead
Axsium Group

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