Axsium Group to Showcase New Work Sampling App to Build the Most Accurate Labor Standards at IISE Conference and Expo

by | May 22, 2018

Say goodbye to inaccurate stopwatch studies with Studia, a powerful mobile work measurement data collection tool

Orlando, FL, May 21, 2018 Axsium Group, a leading global workforce management (WFM) consulting practice, will be demonstrating Studia, its new mobile data collection work sampling application at this year’s IISE Conference and Expo. Studia lets you measure non-procedural tasks, like customer service, to build better labor standards. It allows businesses to observe all the tasks their employees perform faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost of a stopwatch study.

Users can create informative studies through workplace observations to better plan for labor, improve customer engagement and boost productivity. In conjunction with Opus, Axsium’s next-generation work measurement platform, Studia allows users to control the labor standards lifecycle from data collection through integration with a WFM system.

The Studia app is available now for both Android and iOS, and is soon to be on Google Play and the Apple App Store. For more information or to see a demo, visit us at the IISE Conference and Expo from May 20-22 at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando FL.

Why Studia builds a better labor standard

Labor standards are most commonly created with stopwatch studies, but this method is often done incorrectly, leaving organizations with an inaccurate labor model. With Studia, the observer collects data via a handheld device and records what workers are doing at random intervals during operating hours. From the data collected a statistically-accurate model can be created that shows how much time employees spend idle, talking about work and non-work matters, traveling between locations, assisting customers and more. Completing a work sampling study with Studia takes less time to produce an accurate, objective labor standard while at the same time efficiently measuring work that is hard to measure in other ways.

“When completing a work study, even a slight over or under allocation of labor can have a big impact on labor costs, quality, safety or customer service,” said Bob Clements, President of Axsium Group. “Studia allows you to properly observe and record tasks, to get a clear understanding of what your people are really spending their time on. You can then identify non-value-added areas of waste and inconsistencies and provide ways to make work easier and more productive.”

About Axsium Group

Axsium Group helps organizations around the world improve their performance by maximizing the productivity of their people. We do this by providing innovative and insightful consulting services focused in three areas. First, we help our clients establish a realistic strategy and roadmap to reach their people-related goals. Second, we focus on streamlining and defining new processes to improve the way people work, their productivity and their impact on their organization. And third, we implement and support technology that helps all levels of the organization achieve their objectives.

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