Axsium Announces Planara Integration with UKG Pro Workforce Management

by | Oct 24, 2023

Axsium Group Ltd., the world’s leading independent workforce management consulting firm, is thrilled to announce that its labor planning and analytics solution Planara now directly integrates with UKG Pro Workforce Management.

This integration makes labor planning easy for UKG Pro Workforce Management users thanks to Planara’s unique ability to harmonize labor budgeting processes.

“Changes in UKG Pro Workforce Management seamlessly update in Planara, allowing users to adapt instantly and analyze potential responses,” says Axsium’s Chief UKG Strategy Officer Robin Merritt, “We’re leaning into our customers’ needs with this exciting enhancement to the immense value they get from Planara, That value will only strengthen our already-strong partnership with UKG.”

UKG Pro Workforce Management users can now integrate their effective-dated Business Structure to Planara in real-time. For example, changes to the organization hierarchy or new locations are updated immediately in Planara, allowing users to both budget and explore what-if scenarios using the latest assumptions.

And with the latest forecast, actual, and earned business metrics directly integrated, Planara users can more rapidly evaluate past performance and develop future projections. For example, a monthly labor planning process in Planara is now instantly updated with the prior period’s actual performance and the current/future period’s forecasts from UKG Pro Workforce Management.

Planara now directly integrates with UKG Pro Workforce Management

Overall, these integrations accelerate the labor budgeting process, improve accuracy, and ultimately improve confidence and alignment between Finance and Operations teams. Users can quickly adapt budgets and forecasts to shifting operational realities.

And Planara’s dynamic scenario planning unlocks even more functionality for UKG Pro Workforce Management users. Whether it’s simultaneously evaluating multiple sales and driver goals, comparing top-down and bottom-up planning methods, analyzing detailed labor model updates, projecting the cost impact of new initiatives, or planning for new location openings, Planara has it covered.

“Planara is having a massive impact on our clients’ labor budgeting and forecasting processes, “ says Axsium Chief Executive Officer Bob Clements. “I’m excited for this next step in Planara’s development and looking forward to introducing its myriad benefits to UKG Pro Workforce Management customers.”

Complex labor budgets? Easy—with Planara and UKG Pro Workforce Management. Learn more about Planara here or get in touch with an Axsium account manager.

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