Workforce Innovation. Powered by Axsium.

by | Aug 18, 2021

Axsium Group – the world’s leading workforce management (WFM) consulting firm – launches new initiatives to reflect our dedication to supporting the dynamic needs of our customers as they look to grow their businesses in these challenging times.  

Toronto, ON, August 18, 2021 – For over 17 years, Axsium Group has been the WFM community’s preeminent source of strategic advice and thought leadership.  This has never been more important than over the last 18 months of market uncertainty. 

During the height of the COVID pandemic, Axsium launched its Retail Responds initiative and the Retail Recovery Framework – thought leadership that was designed specifically to help operational leaders ReactRefocus, and Reinvent the way their organizations operated. Across more than 50 webinars, blog posts, and whitepapers, and our virtual WFM Forums for our clients, Axsium provided practical and strategic advice to nearly 400 global organizations spanning Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and the Public Sector. 

“Axsium’s close collaboration with these organizations has given us a clear vision of what the future of workforce management will really look like,” says Bob Clements, CEO of Axsium Group.  

Executive Vice President of Sales Kris Brackett elaborates: “Our customers are seeing unprecedented increases in demand, and they need to grow fast.  At the same time, they are handcuffed by countless labor challenges including labor shortages, rising wages, and the need to upskill tens or even hundreds of thousands of employees en masse.”  

Over the next 12 months, Axsium is bringing a host of new solutions to the table that help our customers directly address these critical, time-sensitive opportunities: 

  • With Axsium Connect, we are giving our clients an effective way to augment and accelerate their operational capabilities with on-demand access to tactical WFM expertise and strategy advice without needing to increase their headcount. 
  • Our Process Improvement practice will continue to deliver company-wide labor cost savings of 2% or more – a feat that we have already achieved at more than a dozen Fortune 500 organizations. 
  • Enhancements to our labor study and labor modeling tools Opus and Studia, which are now being used by over 30 organizations across North America, Australia, Europe, and the UK. 
  • Pioneering new ways to provide our customers with eye-opening, data-driven insights about the in-store customer experience that go beyond anything that traditional work studies would uncover. 
  • Axsium is investing in growing the dynamic community of WFM leaders that attend our frequent webinars and in-person Axsium WFM Forum events. 

 With these initiatives, among others, Axsium continues to be the strategic partner our clients turn to for helping them remain agile and be confident that they are on the right path, and Axsium’s new positioning statement reflects the dynamic impact of these partnerships: 

Workforce Innovation. Powered by Axsium. 

“Our clients need a partner that can help them think outside the box and bring new and innovative ideas to the table and successfully execute on these plans. Axsium is the workforce management consulting partner of choice on both fronts, with the end goal of maximizing the productivity of our client’s workforce and achieving all of their labor-related goals.” –Bob Clements 

For more information about how Axsium can help your organization capitalize on the opportunities that the next 12 months will bring please contact Kris Brackett, Executive Vice President of Sales, at 

Workforce Innovation. Powered by Axsium. 

Axsium Group helps organizations around the world improve their operational performance by maximizing the productivity of their people. We do this by providing innovative and insightful consulting services focused in three areas. First, we help our clients establish a realistic strategy and roadmap to reach their people-related goals. Second, we focus on streamlining and defining new processes to improve the way people work, their productivity and their impact on their organization. And third, we implement and support technology that help all levels of the organization achieve their objectives.

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