Tuesday wrap-up from KronosWorks 2017

by | Nov 15, 2017

Another day has come and gone here in Las Vegas at the KronosWorks 2017 user conference. And we had another very successful event with lots of customers visiting the partner expo to share their experiences and learn about how they can work with others in the Kronos ecosystem. There was lots of interest in the latest and greatest release, Workforce Dimensions. The upcoming year should be exciting as we all learn more about Dimensions and how it will help current and new customers.

Here are some other takeaways:

Some thoughts from Director, Chris Flanders:

Attestation toolkit
There was a lot of interest in the attestation session on Tuesday. It was standing room only with a number attendees turned away at the door because of fire code restrictions!

The Workforce Central (WFC) Attestation functionality has come a long way since it was first piecemealed together as a stop gap for California meal break compliance. Now it has well-designed points of functionality like a self-punch correction for employees and new functionality for scheduling, to comply with the latest legislation from Oregon, San Francisco, and New York around last-minute schedule changes.

Attestation continues to be a toolkit, not a module for WFC, the company’s software suite of products. That means it is effectively a customization and has its own versioning and release cycle. This is about the only real drawback to the Attestation toolkit. It seems like it’s time to incorporate it into the Timekeeper core or to make it an official module.

On a related note: In the new Workforce Dimensions flagship system, Attestation-type functionality is included with the core.

– Axsium Group (@FlandersChris) #Kronosworks

Chris Flanders and Director, Jan Worosz also made it to the final session of the day to hear about the release of Kronos Workforce Central (WFC) v8.1. Here are some highlights:

• Configuration for contractual rule compliance which is important for EMEA, Canada, and APAC clients;

• Predictive schedule notifications and consistent schedule start rules to help with scheduling compliance;

• Mobile for WFC will include the ability log in via TouchID and fingerprints;

• Service pack support for v6.3 will continue through the end of 2018, instead of ending in December with the release of v8.1;

• Flash widgets will be removed from WFC with the 2018 v8.1 feature packs, but the last few lowest usage widgets won’t be removed until 2019; and

• Support for Microsoft Edge browser comes with v8.1.

– AxsiumGroup.com (@FlandersChris) #Kronosworks

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