Strategic Staffing Office Survey Introduction

by | Dec 19, 2012

Earlier this year, Axsium conducted a nationwide survey of hospitals to ask about staffing offices and how they are used in hospitals. We wanted to see what the real issues that hospitals face are, instead of just assuming that the traditional problems are still top of mind. We also wanted to find out how technology is impacting and helping solve those problems—or not! Finally, we put in some general questions about healthcare issues to see where nurse staffing fits in the hierarchy of concerns that every CNO has.

The results were very interesting, a mix of results that fell in line with our assumptions, while others were a complete surprise.

Are staffing offices a problem area in hospitals? Do scheduling systems and other technology really help solve those problems? What do hospitals and nurses want most from their staffing office and scheduling systems? We’re going to look at all those questions in this blog as we dissect the answer and see if we can draw some conclusions.

In addition, as we discuss each topic, we want to hear from you about your experiences and feedback you have. Do these results resonate with you? Are you in agreement with the answers being given? Let’s use this forum to interact on these subjects. We are also going to leverage Twitter to talk about these blogs so you can watch for and tweet to us via “@Axsium” or to me directly at “@FlandersChris”. We will incorporate your comments for everyone to see.

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