Taking Your Labor Modelling to the Next Level: Opus Expands its WFM Integrations

by | Feb 27, 2024

Opus, Axsium’s work measurement and labor modeling solution, has a large and versatile set of workforce management (WFM) system integrations. With this week’s new Opus release, the list continues to expand. No matter which vendor WFM solution your company uses, there’s something in this release for you.

Manage Your Min/Max Staffing Rules in Opus

If you are a UKG Pro Workforce Management customer, you can now take advantage of the full suite of API-based integrations previously available in Workforce Central (WFC).

Back in 2019, Opus became the first labor modeling solution to integrate location-specific labor standards with UKG Pro Workforce Management (formerly UKG Dimensions). Now, five years later, it is the first solution to integrate Labor Forecast Limits (LFLs) and their location assignments with UKG Pro Workforce Management.

Customers who have used the existing LFL integration with WFC know that this functionality is a major configuration time-saver. Users can set up staffing minimum/maximum and rounding rules and dynamically assign them to location/job combinations in Opus. And then everything is seamlessly sent to UKG via API connection. It’s a solution that scales no matter the size of your organization.

Sync Your Location Attributes with WFM

Using a WFM vendor other than UKG? You now can now integrate effective-dated Opus-managed location attributes with those systems.

Whether you’re on Zebra or Dayforce, Legion or Infor, you can now configure an attribute export file to match your WFM system’s specs. For example, one of our Legion customers will be able to dynamically update store formats. This will determine the departments and work roles assigned to each location for scheduling.

Optimize Your Labor Modelling for all WFM Environments

For the first time ever, non-UKG customers will be able to take advantage of labor standard Classifications in Opus.

This feature allows users to assign labor standards to different WFM environments. It means that production systems only receive production configurations. But it also means that test or what-if standards can be integrated with lower WFM environments. This will let you evaluate their impacts on your labor forecasts and schedules before promoting them to production.

Taking Your Labor Modelling to the Next Level is Easier Than Ever

This week’s new Opus release truly has something for everyone. It will make labor modelling easier and more efficient no matter what WFM software vendor you use. And that’s something everyone can get behind.

Not using Opus to drive your labor model yet? Get in touch to find out just how transformational Opus can be.

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