Workload (aka Labor Demand)

Workload (aka Labor Demand)

Workload is the calculated number of labor hours (as defined in the labor model) that will be needed for each job, department, or store during a given time period. Depending on the application, workload can be generated as a forecast (in advance) or as an earned amount (in arrears), and can be distributed by week, day, or intraday. 

Retailers rely on accurate, “bottom-up” generation of workload for several key reasons: 

  • Operational Planningcalculated using longer range weekly or daily volume forecasts, serving as an accurate starting point for financial budgeting WFM forecasting – calculated using daily volume forecasts and distributed by time of day, producing the labor demand curve for scheduling
  • Task Execution – calculated using just-in-time volume projections (e.g. trailer loads from the DC), generating an expected workload for managing day-of store execution
  • Store Accountability – calculated using actual volumes, earned or ideal workload can be a powerful performance metric


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