Timekeeping is the monitoring of employee clockins and clock-outs to determine the amount of time that employees worked and how much the employee is owed for that work, based on a company’s policies and standards. 

Factors which impact the output of this process include: 

  • Rounding, which determines whether employees are paid in increments of a minute or to the quarterhour.
  • Grace, which determines how flexible the rules are around showing up early/late.
  • Whether the employee was working overtime.
  • Call-ins, which refer to when an employee is scheduled at the last minute
  • Premiums, or are a multiplier/bonus on hourly pay based on the nature of work (evening, overnight, hazardous environment, etc.)

The output of the timekeeping module is a record of how much time a given employee worked, and at what rate were they being paid for that work. For example, Phil worked a 6-hour shift, of which 5 hours were at base pay and 1-hour was at time-and-a-half.


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