Three Ways to Get Your UKG Dimensions Migration Right

by | Nov 18, 2022

Last week, the UKG world travelled to Las Vegas to take part in UKG Aspire. It was the first combined conference UKG has had since their merger with Ultimate Software. Over 5,000 professionals representing UKG partners and clients from across the globe turned out. It was a great few days of insights, UKG news, and fascinating conversations.

I loved the feeling of partnership UKG created at the event. I know I speak for all of Axsium’s Aspire team when I say the partnership between UKG, Axsium, and our clients has never been as strong as it is today. Last week confirmed it. We’re all working together to improve our clients’ Workforce Management experiences and future with UKG.

The Axsium logo on a window at UKG Aspire. Migrating to UKG Dimensions? We've got this.
The Axsium team had a great experience at UKG Aspire.

The Big UKG Dimensions Topic

Despite the huge number of people at Aspire, I had the most in-depth conversations I’ve ever had at a conference. People were asking smart and deep questions about Workforce Management and what to do with their future. Everyone was trying to find out how their UKG products can help them go even further.

There was one topic that came up again and again: migrations. I’d be amazed if you haven’t heard the news by now, but just in case: UKG is sunsetting Workforce Central. If you’re using Central right now, you need to have migrated to UKG Dimensions by 2025 if you are in the cloud. If you’re on prem, you have until the end of 2027.

I’m sure you can understand why this was the topic on everyone’s minds! I had a lot of discussions about migrating from Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions. A lot. And there were a few questions that kept coming up. So, let’s talk about them and some suggested solutions.

UKG Dimensions Migration and Planning

I can’t tell you how many times I heard one question. “I hadn’t planned for this. There are competing priorities and projects in my department and organization. What should I do?”

It’s not an ideal situation to be in, that’s for sure! You want to get started as quickly as possible. So start the process of getting the approval right away. In the meantime, you can do a lot of things to get yourself ready for when you can get started. And the preparation can even save you time and money in the long run.

The first thing you want to think about is streamlining your data and processes. You won’t believe how messy data can get in almost no time. And if your data is ready for migration, it will make the process go much more smoothly.

You can also start working on building out a roadmap and transformation plan. There is a lot you can lay out between the two documents before your kick-off.

The important thing is to think of this time as an opportunity to make sure you have everything ready to go. And you’ll be able to put some real thought into how Dimensions can best serve you and your end users.

Value Assessments

Other people I spoke to were concerned about whether their organizations would want to explore their options. I can understand this. But if Workforce Central has been working well for you, UKG Dimensions can do everything Central does and more.

My advice is to put together a strong value assessment. This will have two benefits. You’ll be able to show why Dimensions is the path to take. And you can change the conversation with your executives from the deadline to the value.

In fact, if you’re waiting on executive approvals before you can get to your migration, a value assessment will also have a lot of benefits. It will make the value you’ll get from Dimensions clear.

Migrating Now

As I said, I had a lot of conversations at UKG Aspire. A lot of people were concerned about how quickly they could start their migration. Time is already running out, as we know. But there was another group. They were the ones who came to me saying: “we’re ready, we want to get going now!”

These were my favorite conversations to have at UKG Aspire. It’s a great idea to get started as soon as you can. You get in line right away. And you can focus on getting the solution right down the road. The important thing is to make sure you’re thinking about what you need to make Dimensions work best for your organization.

And people clearly are thinking about it. In all those conversations I had, I was asked three main things:

  • Can UKG Dimensions improve my employee retention?
  • Will I be able to engage my employees better on UKG Dimensions?
  • How can I get the most value out of UKG Dimensions?

My response to these questions was always yes, yes, and let’s talk! You can absolutely configure Dimensions to make it work for your specific organization with its specific needs. The best way to do that is to bring in an expert with years of UKG Dimensions experience already under their belt.

UKG Dimensions? We’ve Got This.

That’s where Axsium comes in. We’ve worked with UKG for over 15 years and are proud members of UKG’s Migration Partner Program. But more than that—Axsium is committed to helping our clients implement WFM solutions that meet their specific needs.

You need to wait for executive approval to get started on your migration? We can help you get everything ready to kick off as soon as you’re able. And our experts are exactly the right people to help you put together a value assessment.

Need to start right away? We’re ready when you are—and we’ll stay focused on making sure your configuration of Dimensions will give you the best the solution can offer right away.

No matter what your migration to UKG Dimensions looks like—we’ve got this.

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