eBook Connects Omnichannel Excellence to Workforce #NRF

by | Jan 13, 2014

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New eBook Connects Omnichannel Excellence To Workforce #NRF14

New York, NY, January 13, 2014 Axsium Group, a trusted leader inworkforce management consulting, today announced the release of a new eBook titled, Your Workforce Is Your Brand at NRF. This interactive eBook is provides retail leaders with key insights about the power of their workforce as a viable tool to improve customer experience and drive top-line and bottom-line growth.

News Facts:

  • The eBook includes articles and videos from several executive level retail operators and Axsium’s retail experts.
  • Featured retail topics covered include, understanding authenticity, relevance of labor standards, how to be successful with WFM, best practices from leading retail executives, critical lessons learned and the importance of aligning omnichannel strategies with experiential goals and the workforce.
  • This is the first eBook from Axsium Group.

Supporting Quotes:

Bob Clements, (@Robert_Clements), senior vice president, Axsium

“We wanted to create something that would help retailers align their omnichannel strategy with customer experience goals all while improving workforce productivity. I’m really excited about what this eBook represents because, at the end of the day, the associates sit at the center of every corporate goal. Each of our contributors shares unique real world retail experiences that should get our readers thinking about the possibilities within their own businesses.”

Bliss Gordon, (@BlissGordon), retail strategist, Axsium

“Your Workforce Is Your Brand represents a culmination of expert views, opinions and best practices from people that have lived retail for their entire careers. This is powerful because it gives other retail leaders the relevant ideas that have been vetted and proven. Our hope is that someone can take these concepts and think logically about how they might be applicable

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