About Axsium: Leadership

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Johannes Tjiang

Executive Vice President

“I have a unique opportunity and the freedom to come up with creative and practical business solutions.”

Johannes Tjiang

Executive Vice President

I lead Axsium’s service delivery organization in the Americas. I work closely with our consulting teams to ensure that their work products meets the standards that our clients have learned to expect.

On Leadership

I believe that a good leader actively grooms the next generation of leadership. He inspires and motivates others to grow. He prepares them for the next level in their careers. And, by enabling others, he grows with them.

On Axsium

Our clients value our courage and integrity. When Axsium works with a client, we really listen to them. We take the time to understand their unique challenges, and provide them with honest feedback to address those challenges. Our feedback may not always be something that they want to hear but everyone gets on board when they know it’s the right way to address their particular business challenges.

On Workforce Management

People play a significant role in any organization. You can have the best tools and the best processes. You can have a grand vision and a great strategy. But these things are there to enable people to execute. Without people, organizations will fail. Workforce management is about the people. It is about ensuring that you have the right people at the right place at the right time doing the right things. It’s about ensuring that those people are being paid correctly, and that work and rest time comply with all appropriate guidelines. While some of those things may sound basic, they are fundamental and without them organizations cannot succeed.

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