About Axsium: Leadership

Client Focused. Strategy Driven.

David Honicky

Executive Vice President

“I believe my success comes from my ability to apply my experiences to the problems at hand.”

David Honicky

Executive Vice President

I manage our strategic partnerships with the leading workforce management solution providers. Maintaining those relationships to support our efforts with our clients is a key element of my role here. In my spare time, I am also corporate counsel for Axsium.

On Leadership

A good leader knows when to jump into the fray and when to step back. Good people need support, not interference, and the trick is finding where that line should be drawn. Also, communication of intent and consistency of action are critical to developing a team that believes in its leaders and supports its strategy.

On Axsium

There are lots of great companies out there, and Axsium is one of them. What makes Axsium unique to me is our ability to find the right talent and, more importantly, continue to develop that talent so our people grow both professionally and personally. Our employee tenure is terrific and that consistency pays dividends to our clients.

On Workforce Management

With any workforce management initiative, do your best to know what you don’t know. The workforce management world is a relatively small niche where a handful of vendors provide the bulk of the solutions to the market. Knowing the history of those vendors and their clients is a critical step in the execution of a workforce management strategy. There’s a reason why most of us don’t try to fix our own cars – there are experts out there who can do it better for us.

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