Axsium Group Unveils Application for Retailers to Build Customer-Focused Labor Standards at NRF’s Big Show

by | Jan 15, 2018

Studia Provides Retailers with a Mobile Work Measurement Data Collection Tool featuring a Modern, Intuitive User Interface

New York, NY, January 15, 2018 – Axsium Group announces the launch of Studia, a mobile data collection work sampling application that lets retailers measure all the tasks their employees perform on the sales floor and in back of house to build accurate and effective customer-centric labor standards. Available for both Android and iOS, Studia makes it easy for users to create informative studies through workplace observations to produce better schedules and improve customer engagement. Studia also works alongside Opus, Axsium’s work measurement platform. For more information or to see a demo of Studia, visit Axsium during NRF at booth #410.

Other forms of data collection are time-consuming, error-prone, and are not truly suited to measure customer service consistently and accurately. With Studia, the observer collects data via a handheld device to record what associates are doing at random intervals during operating hours.

The application provides an excellent method for collecting customer service, talk and idle times, delays and production task data. It’s less time consuming while eliminating the subjectivity of the observer afforded by traditional stop-watch time studies, and gathers more useful information that can be used to build out more accurate and effective labor standards.

How Studia works
Work sampling is a powerful process most effectively used to monitor guest interactions. Setting up studies and analyzing recorded data in Studia is quick and easy.

Once a study template has been developed and pushed to an observer’s mobile device he or she can walk around the workplace to record all the tasks completed in an operating day, over a number of weeks at a variety of locations. A completed study can then be exported by the observer via email from their device to be aggregated into an Excel spreadsheet.

When the right observations are performed at the right times, retailers can break-down what their people are really spending their time on and identify waste. They can then build-out highly succinct labor standards by pin-pointing tasks to change or eliminate.

Supporting Quotes:
Bob Clements, President, Axsium Group

“Axsium Group is excited about the release of Studia. It provides retailers with a mobile tool that enables their labor team to build new labor standards quickly and accurately. Understanding how associates spend their time opens the door for a greatly improved customer experience.”

About Axsium Group
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